South Bedfordshire Circuit

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

The South Bedfordshire Circuit’s Church Leadership Team embarked (Feb. 2019) on an exploratory research initiative to examine EDI issues and approaches. The Circuit consequently is now taking steps to develop and/or improve its equalities policies and practices. 


Revd Arlington Trotman was appointed by the Circuit to move us forward in the area of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) policy and practice. This followed recent Methodist Church’s acknowledgement of racism, reports, and statements to end it, recognition of current Connexional work entitled The Inclusive Church, and the Circuit’s growing awareness of theneed to address issues of equality and diversity.

Since February 2019, Arlington has conducted: -

  • research across the Circuit with recommendations;
  • created an EDI task group in March 2020;
  • now implementing the recommendations;
  • created this EDI webpage where you will find helpful information and prayers, updated from time to time.

This work includes:

  • the group developing and improving the Circuit awareness

  • building more diverse and inclusive practices in all activities

Presently, the group is

  • consulting with ministers and church members on what they would like to see included in policies and practice;

  • planning a series of Circuit workshops: January, February, March 2021;

  • building in acknowledgement of CPD.

EDI policy and practice means that the Circuit, which is located in a very mixed area, with a variety of local contexts in which we encounter people from a whole wide range of backgrounds, is committed to just and equal treatment, and how to do it the best possible way.

In due course, (perhaps in 2021), the Circuit will launch its policy.

The EDI steering group provided a collection of prayers in support of this ongoing work (Matthew 25:31-46), and these are now available, here, to be used by ministers, worship leaders, teachers, lay workers in various worship settings in conjunction with members.

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