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The Circuit consists of twenty one Churches and Chapels in and around Dunstable, Leighton Buzzard, Luton and surrounding villages.

Circuit Calendar

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To add meetings and events please email Mia C. Wilson, Circuit Administrator 

Circuit Plan

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Not all of the churches have reopened - please see below under shared worship for details of online services. 

Circuit Services - All Welcome

Bible Picture 

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Revd. Claudia Lupi Welcoming Service

Held at The Square Methodist Church, on Monday 5th September, 7:30pm 

Farley Hill 60th Church Anniversary Service

11th September, 10:30am 

EDI Circuit Service: Black History Month

23rd October at Beech Hill, 6pm

Strathmore Avenue 50th Church Anniversary Service

20th November, 10:30am

The Square 113th Church Anniversary Service

27th November, 10:30am

All Welcome

Safeguarding Foundation

Creating Safer Space

Foundation Module 


To book a place on one of these courses, please click on the link below the course or contact the Circuit Administrator


  • Trinity – Wednesday 17th August 9:30am


  • Barton – Saturday 3rd September at 9:30am


  • Hightown - 1st October at 9:30am


  • The Square – 12th November 1pm


  • Olive Tree – 26th November 1pm


  • Wigmore – 3rd December at 1pm

Please click on the following to see who should attend foundation training:

Foundation module training needs to be repeated every four years to keep up to date with requirements.  


If you have done the Advanced module, you only need to repeat the Advanced module.  For information, here is the list of people who should attend the Advanced module:


Shared Worship  

Cross for Holy Week

As churches reopen, a number of churches are continuing to provide online services.

Hard copies of services and worship resources can also be provided. 

For more information, please email the Circuit Administrator - please click here

Trinity, Leighton Buzzard - please click here

Trinity Methodist Church are holding evening services at 6pm via zoom.  

All are welcome

Please click here for the Zoom link

If you have accessed one of our services, or are simply looking at our website - welcome!  

Perhaps you will find church online easier to try out than a physical building, perhaps these extraordinary times have triggered something spiritual inside you, perhaps you would appreciate linking with a Christian community.  If for whatever reason, you would appreciate some human contact from one of our churches, or have a question, then please email the circuit administrator (please click here), and we will respond to you.

Public Issues  

Please click here for the January 2022 issue of the Public Issues Newsletter

The Circuit Office

The Circuit Office is closed, but the Circuit Administrator is working from home.  To contact the Circuit Administrator, please send an email.