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February Prayer Requests from Luton Street Pastors

Praying for our Country and its People

With news of teenage stabbings on what currently seems like a daily basis, the rise in reported hate-crime and the deep division we’re seeing around the Brexit issue, it’s almost impossible not to question what our nation is coming to.

The Archbishop of Canterbury and the President of the Methodist Conference recently issued the following joint statement:

“Jesus calls us to love one another, and even to love our enemies. In this time of political turmoil we have been shocked at the anger and vitriol that has surrounded so much public discourse, personally, online and via social media. Our Christian heritage, along with other global faith and non-faith traditions, calls for us to treat others as we would wish to be treated. This does not mean the absence of passionate difference, but it does call for respect for human dignity.”

The Presidents of Churches Together in England, together with their partners Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, are calling churches to prayer in this week when the United Kingdom is scheduled to leave the European Union. From Wednesday 27 March to Sunday 31 March, churches are being encouraged to pray for our nation and to open their building for any in their communities seeking a space for prayer.

In response to this call to prayer, we are opening our Church in Strathmore Avenue from 1 to 2pm on Saturday 30th March. This will be an opportunity for individuals to pop in and join in prayers written especially for the current situation. An optional prayer leaflet will be available to help them in their prayers.